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What is a MSA Saddle Fitter?

A MSA Saddle Fitter has completed an intensive training program including: basic conformation, equine anatomy, gait and symmetry analysis, biomechanics, static and dynamic saddle fitting, template taking and saddle design/construction.

With this knowledge the saddle fitter can apply a scientifically based ten step program process to determine is a saddle properly fits the horse’s back. A properly fit saddle will be balanced for both rider and horse, allowing more freedom of movement and a better ride.

Most horses are asymmetrical in conformation. MSA Saddle Fitters are able to adjust most wool flocked saddles to accommodate for any asymmetry (assuming the saddle is of the proper tree width and has sufficient panel to fit the horse).

Keep in mind that the horse’s back is subject to constant change due to variables such as: diet, season, age, health and level of work. When changes do occur the saddle should be checked by a certified fitter who can than make the necessary adjustments.

Wool stuffed panels are almost universally considered superior to foam for the following reasons. Assuming correctly designed panels, wool conforms to the many shapes of the horses back and can be adjusted if necessary to correct for a multitude of fitting problems. However, a saddle cannot be corrected due to a poorly designed or incorrectly fitted tree.

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